The room of Coquelicots, with an area of 25m2 has:
You will have more of a relaxation area, a closet for storing luggage and personal effects and a corner office.

Colors and decorations of the room take up the theme of poppies adorn their presence surrounding fields.


The relaxation space of the B&B Les Coquelicots The B&B Les coquelicots
The relaxation space                                                                    The rest space


Other view of the B&B Les coquelicots

                  Other view of the bedroom                  


The bathroom of the B&B Les coquelicots
The shower of the B&B Les coquelicots
The bathroom                                            The shower


breakfast for Coquelicots

                  The breakfast table for the room "Les Coquelicots"                  


Les coquelicots du jardin du moulin

                  Poppies around the mill                  


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